It's 6 pm, I am rushing to finish the last of my interventions, pass out the last few medications, do one more frequent assessment on a patient and get it all documented before shift change at 7 pm.

If I could run, I would, but running is reserved for emergency cases, so speed walking it is. Now onto my destination to see my patient, who just happened to be at the very end of the hall. Ha! If it were only that easy to get Luis Enrique Cenicerosthrough the end of hall at the end of shift. Two steps into my journey, I'm pulled into a room to help lift a patient up in bed with another nurse. I walk out and across the hall a patient is secretly trying to get out of bed without the necessary help, nurse to the rescue! I finish, continue on my journey, and I'm stopped by a family member halfway to the end, who politely asks me to come help her father up to the chair. I want you think about this, in the span of 3-5 minutes I've now walked into three patient rooms, came into contact with multiple family members, other nurses, patients, equipment and unless your alcohol sanitizing your scrubs, every time you are helping to spread infection through what you are wearing. 

It's about time we upgrade what we wear as medical professionals. It seems like every time you look around a new device, medication, or equipment is brought into your practice, so why not upgrade what we wear? We know that coming into contact with each other can spread bugs, hence "contact precautions". We wash our hands, use alcohol sanitizers, and use gloves because it's widely known to help decrease the spread of diseases, but what about what we wear? 

Since the beginning of my nursing career in 2011, I have wondered why the medical community continues to overlook the spread of germs through clothing. In fact, the only time I've seen it addressed is when you go into the operating room where it's mandatory to change out into surgical scrubs and don surgical clothing. What about the nurse who works on the Pulmonary floor and has 4 to 6 patients she comes into contact with multiple times throughout the day? If you can picture it, hand washing just does not seem to be enough, cough... cough. Then, at the end of the day, you often question what you're taking home and in your car. We healthcare professionals need something else, we need something new, something to help protect our patients, us and those we love.

I stumbled onto FITScrubs looking for that answer and I haven't looked back since. With their new, proven technology that is woven into every thread of the fabric in FITScrubs, I now worry less knowing that I'm helping to protect those around me and looking great while I do it! 

What really nails these scrubs home is just how practical they are for health professionals. From the soft athletic fabric, the figure fitting style, the silver anti-microbial protection, the comfortability, the carefully placed slim pockets, wrinkle free, easy to use, moisture wicking and odor protection,  there is nothing out there like FITScrubs.

 Long gone are the days when I was just three hours into my shift and already wanted a shower. I am now three sets in and never considering buying conventional scrubs again. Working in a hectic environment where I am on the go, from beginning to end, I need quality performance gear to help me get through tough shifts and this is exactly what FITScrubs provides. If you're looking for something to give you the protection and freedom you so desperately need working in healthcare, this my friends is it. 


Enrique Ceniceros, Burn ICU, RN BSN @murse_enrique 

December 26, 2017 — Enrique Ceniceros


Windy Tevelde said:

Awesome review and write-up @murse_enrique! I’ve been considering these scrubs for awhile but have hesitated due to them not being offered in “tall” sizes and the potential hassle of ordering by mail, waiting eons for their arrival, only to find a crappy fit and then the daunting task of having to re-package them to make yet another trip to the post office in order to send them back (which has happened every time I’ve tried to purchase scrubs online). BUT, you’ve got me convinced that these are definitely worth it and I’m going to give them a shot (no pun intended). You had me at “long gone are the days of being 3 hours into my shift and already feeling like I needed a shower”, and the seemingly simple, yet unaddressed idea of protecting our patients by preventing the spread of germs through our clothing. I’m a nurse in a very busy ED so one can only imagine what I carry around on my scrubs, while coming in contact with countless patients, family members and equipment during a 12 hour night shift. Thanks for taking the time to write an awesome review. I’m placing my order now and will post a review after I get them!

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