1. Provide professionals with a well fitted superior uniform that will keep them comfortable, dry and suited for the exposure risks involved in a healthcare setting.

2. Decrease hospital infections by using advanced antimicrobial fabrics in all our apparel  in order to provide patients with the best possible outcome during their visit.

3. Make our apparel locally in order to provide jobs, help our community and support Made in USA manufacturing.

4. Promote a message of health and wellness to enhance the lives of our customers.



From the Founder:

It all started with an idea...

I started working on FITScrubs® in 2006 when I was an ED Trauma Tech/Paramedic. It was 2am, i was working nightshift and my scrubs were sweaty, uncomfortable and contaminated with blood. I was waiting for central to bring up a new set for me but they lagged and my team was getting bombarded with new patients. So i reached in my gym bag, threw on a name brand sportswear shirt and felt so good after putting it on. Then the thought came, "Why can't i wear scrubs like this? Only better and stronger? I'll call them FITScrubs®"

So I had some prototypes made with bamboo fabric because of it's softness and natural antimicrobial properties but it just wasn't durable enough for a healthcare setting. I put it off & told myself "someday", and that was about the end of it.

In Dec 2014 I came across some incredible research on the antibacterial effectiveness of silver fibers in fabrics spearheaded by a new startup called PurThread Technologies. I convinced them to partner with me. They did, and I went all in and committed myself to creating the most advanced medical apparel in existence and developed performance fabrics embedded with a new silver fiber that is permanently antimicrobial - and up to 99.99% effective against MRSA, Staph and Pneumonia. The other cool benefit is that the fabrics never smell from sweat odor!

With the help and support of a ton of friends and incredible teammates, we launched and my idea to create high performance scrubs that can reduce nosocomial infections has come alive and we are shipping products everywhere across the world. Morale of the story, be smart enough to be naive enough to not know what you and your team can accomplish #fitscrubs


Stay safe out there, 

Arthur W. Lucero [Founder/CEO]