Purflex Women's Black V-Tee

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Purflex Women's Black V-Tee - XXS / Black Test Backordered - Expect To Ship By 9/18/2023

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This versatile high performance Purflex V-Tee functions in many ways.  A perfect underscrub top for additional comfort or just wear it by itself if you're not feeling like rocking a scrub top for the day. Even better, wear it on the go for a quick workout while it keeps you cool, dry and fresh so you can work hard and play harder. 

Fabric Content:

  • 100% Polyester Interlock knit
  • SilverPlus® Antimicrobial Finish


Sizing Chart

Model: Sara, RN is 5'7" 132lbs wearing a XS top

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4 Way Stretch Squat proof ready
Permanent Anti-Odor Protection Get the funk out of your shift
Moisture Wicking Cooling measures 24/7
PurThread® Antimicrobial Technology Permanently embedded in the fabrics for lifetime protection
Breathable Regulates body temperature when sweating
Premium Quality Fabric Durable performance that never fades in color

We choose quality while other brands choose profits

There’s two ways to make your scrubs anti-microbial. You either spray the fabric with chemicals or weave PurThread® into the fabric.


FITScrubs is the only brand that weaves this bacteria fighting silver thread into our fabric for protection that never washes out.

Permanent Protection
Better for the environment

Anti-Microbial Spray

All other brands spray their fabric with chemicals that quickly rinse out in the wash.

Protection lasts a few months
Chemicals wash into our water

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