The silver color in the slanted cross represents the permanent silver embedded antimicrobial technology used in all our apparel. 

The cross is leaning forward - we are driven by innovation with you as our source of inspiration to help us create the best scrubs you deserve. 

The heart rhythm is missing a p wave on purpose. Let's cardiovert some energy into this lifeless medical apparel industry!

The bright red is symbolic for the arterial blood that keeps us alive. It's the passion we have for creating our brand and high performance uniforms. 

Story time: The name "FITScrubs" really began night shift in an ER in 2006. I would always change out of my scrub top at midnight (no admin) into an athletic T shirt. I loved the fit and the breathable, moisture wicking benefits it had and really wished there was scrubs out there like it. Then, on a 2am break room rant to coworker I said, "A big sportswear company should make scrubs and they should be called FITScrubs" My teammates thought it was a great idea and suggested he buy the website if it was available. Sure enough, it was and the name FITScrubs was conceived, bought and purchased in the ER breakroom at Northridge Trauma center in November, 2006. 

I never let the idea die and in 2014 I went all in pouring inspiration I had cultivated over my years as an athlete, Special Operations Medic and healthcare worker into this brand and we finally launched in 2017.

Today, thanks to our amazing customers, FITScrubs has evolved to be uniforms our healthcare professionals can be proud to wear because of the quality and innovation behind the fabric and construction of our products.

We expect nothing less, because you go above and beyond so that others may live, heal and thrive - you inspire us every single day. 

Welcome to the team. #fitscrubs


Arthur Lucero - Founder/CEO