Q: How do I return or exchange?

A: Have your order number handy and click this link. We do offer complimentary postage labels for the process and also cover the shipping expense for the exchange back to you (only valid for US customers). Please note we cannot accept returned items that have the hang tags removed, stains (deodorant), perfume or cologne odors (odors in general) or washed. We provide our customers with a 30 day return/exchange window once you've received the item. 

Q: When will I receive my order? 

If the order was placed before 3pm MST M-F and we have the items in stock (the website and invoice will state if an item is on backorder) it will be sent out the day you placed the order. Orders placed after 3pm will be shipped out the next day. We are closed on the weekends so please note that orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will not be sent out until the following Monday. This too applies for express and priority shipping. 

Q: What does "Backorder" mean?

Our apparel is manufactured locally (Brownsville, TX) which enables us super quick lead times to replenish. Sometimes specific products will sell faster than others and in order to ensure our customers can be the first to receive their items on our restock days (Monday or Tuesday of every week) there is an option to purchase the backordered item and have it sent as soon as we receive the item. The date listed on the site and invoice is the date we expect to receive the backordered items. It's usually pretty consistent, however, there are some exceptions as the date could sometimes be pushed back a week due to unforeseen supply chain and production delays. We will notify you immediately via email if this is the case. 

Q: Will my order still be sent if I have both in-stock and backordered items in my order? 

For US customers, YES! We will split the order and send you the items we do have in stock while we're waiting on the backordered item to arrive. This also allows you to get a head start on sizing if need be (specifically first time customers). If you do need to make any changes feel free to reach out to our fulfillment team and we can edit your order for you. 

Q: How do I wash these?

The fabric care instructions are on the product page under the tab "care instructions" but in case you missed it - just wash with like colors and low heat tumble dry. Be sure to avoid including clothing that has velcro in the wash cycle as it has a tendency to pick the fabric causing excessive piling. Lastly, dryer sheets are discouraged as it wears down the moisture wicking properties in the fabric after long term use.

Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing? 

We currently do not offer any wholesale programs at this time. 

Q: Do you work with social media influencers?

We do! Although we no longer send out scrubs without a form of payment for the merchandise. We used to send merchandise out for free to prospective influencers, however, there were too many issues with them not following through with content. As a result, we just require some "skin in the game" before we begin working with influencers. Once the content obligation has been met we will refund the influencer for the scrubs and offer future terms for additional collaboration projects. 

Q: What is so special about your fabric?

A: We couldn’t use regular activewear fabric because it’s too thin and sheer. Nor could we use the typical woven fabric used in most of the scrubs on the market. We had to create a blend right in between. This process required years of research and multiple University collaborations to find that perfect blend that offers performance, durability and protection.

Q: Why Silver?

A: In the medical field, we use silver for it’s antibacterial properties in many of our medical devices. It’s in our burn creams, our wound dressings, even on foley catheter tips - it’s one of nature’s strongest antimicrobial products.

Q: So there is silver in my clothing? Isn’t that dangerous?

A: On the contrary, popular yoga brands have been using it for years to fight odor. Our biomaterials partners, PurThread Technologies, have created the patented process to which they break down the silver and bind it with a salt. They then embed the core thread of the fabric with the silver compound in its molten state (think of hot lava turning to rock) and it permanently binds within the actual thread. So there is no real “silver” touching your skin or anything, it’s in the actual core of the thread.

Q: It’s just regular silver like my jewelry?

A: The silver is actually provided by Kodak (they use it for their x ray products) and it is registered by the EPA. It’s a special kind of silver that has to pass a thorough series of inspections.

Q: Does the silver effect any medical devices like an MRI or CT Scan?

A: Negative. Understanding the versatile roles healthcare workers perform in clinical/diagnostic settings, the silver in the PurThread yarn is broken down on a macro level and it is combined with a silver salt to not only enhance the ionization (antimicrobial effectiveness) but also reduce the alloy elements within the silver that could possible effect magnetic resonance imaging. The silver used in popular athletic brands like lululemon use a different kind of silver thread that is not designed for the medical field, like PurThread is. 

Q: What is the difference between FIT Scrubs® antimicrobial protection versus the rest of the market.

A: Our product is not a finish - it is intrinsically embedded within the fabric, which gives the antimicrobial effectiveness long lasting. In fact, even over 100 industrial strength washings, there is no decrease in the effectiveness of its antimicrobial power.

Q: I don’t believe health care workers scrubs harbor bacteria.

A: Us health care types are the greatest skeptics. We here at FIT Scrubs® could post all the sources and research data out there, but that would just be boring. Just a suggestion, feel free to put your google fingers to the keypad and search “mrsa+healthcare+clothing+contamination” and see for yourself.

Q: Why we chose the brand name “FIT" in FITScrubs®

A: Our Founder is an avid athlete/competitor, tech geek, and licensed health care professional. He envisioned a scrub brand that would not only use the most high tech performance fabric in his apparel (FIT also stands for Functional Integrated Technology) but also create a lifestyle brand that would be a go-to source for other professionals for support and fitness tips. His experience passing many of the military’s most mentally and physically demanding schools during his Pararescue training helped him understand the importance of health and fitness in order to perform at the highest level on the job.

Thanks for reading!