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It's 6 pm, I am rushing to finish the last of my interventions, pass out the last few medications, do one more frequent assessment on a patient and get it all documented before shift change at 7 pm. If I could run, I would, but running is reserved for emergency cases, so speed walking it is. Now onto my destination to see my patient, who just happened to be at the very end of the hall. Ha! If it were only that easy to get through the end of hall at the end of shift. Two steps into my journey, I'm pulled...

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We, as healthcare professionals are quick to notice when things start going south. We can see it in our patients, in social situations, in family dynamics, we recognize it almost instinctively and we are fast to react and save the day, without hesitation. But why don’t we apply the same principles to each other? Why can we be healers of people, but not healers of one another? It’s not different, we are the same, we have the same emotional capabilities. This doesn’t change, no matter the job title, employment, skin color, situation, background or ethnicity. Why is it that I...

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