Confession: My name is Arthur Lucero and I'm a CEO in love with his own product

🙌💯  Pushing limits and staying active have been my routine from Day 1. From graduating the US Air Force Pararescue Indoctrination course, to Triathlons, MMA, and running marathons - a lifestyle of health and fitness has always been a passion of mine. It's also been a great outlet to vent and put the past behind me, focus on the present and prep for whatever tomorrow might bring with an open mind. That said, the key to continuously hammering out goals, physically and mentally,  is the willingness to push yourself beyond comfort zones finding a peace being uncomfortably comfortable until you get the results you desire. Once practiced, it becomes a norm - the hardest part is building that foundation through consistency in the beginning steps. 


Having said all that - the heart, soul and passion I carry with me in work and fitness/play was poured into our USA made product I'm pointing my finger to in the pic👉😀 @fitscrubs . I wanted scrubs I could literally use for work and also workout in. The silver Antimicrobial PurThread fibers we use in all our apparel made that possible because of their permanent effectiveness against bacteria. In fact, we actually collaborated with NCSU's College of Textiles and Engineering to develop our fabric blends because the process of embedding alloy biocidals in performance knits are still a very new thing, hence why no scrub company in the world is doing it. 



The result: We have a saying around the warehouse - “Passion makes it happen” and “Connection, not perfection”. so we strive to connect to people through our social channels using the heck out of our video DM feature and genuinely getting to know our followers/potential customers. We don't have a brick and mortar store but we have FaceTime and video so we try to create the same thousands of FITScrubs are now in circulation throughout the world being worn in gyms and hospitals all the while contributing to making both environments cleaner by reducing cross contamination. The coolest part is that this is all started from my 2 car garage in Reseda, CA about less than 2 years ago. *We now have a warehouse in Abq, NM* All because I hated scrubs when I had to work in them but then fell in love with them after realizing how much can be improved and the positive impact have the right uniform for the right job can provide.  Let's see how far we could really take this.... Stay tuned and thank you so much for the support. Cheers!  #fitscrubs #keepmoving #keepgrinding #passionmakesithappen

June 12, 2018 — Arthur Lucero

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