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The revolutionary technology behind FITSCRUBS® makes us different from any other medical apparel or sportswear company on the market. 


We collaborated with multiple universities to develop our cutting edge evrpur® TECHNOLOGY that never washes out. Harnessing the antibacterial power of silver, our innovative FITScrubs eliminate sweat odour and provide antimicrobial protection against hospital bacteria to combat cross contamination keeping healthcare enviornments safer.


Look good, feel good. We teamed up with the industries top sportswear designers to make a uniform that not only felt great, but well fitted and form enhancing to make a uniform and moves and flows helping you smile in style.  FITScrubs® blends high fashion and super charged performance to give you the ultimate experience in medical apparel.


You work hard, your scrubs should work harder. Our proprietary medical grade performance fabrics keep you dry when you sweat, comfortable when you’re resting and never stop working with it's permanent, self sanitizing, antimicrobial benefits, powered by silver embedded yarns.


Locally and Ethically Made

Down to the very thread, our FITScrubs® are made in the USA and Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. We make it local - which means your purchase helps support jobs and other small business in our community. Being a Certified Veteran Owned Business, we are proud to serve.

Team Driven

FIT Scrubs® was created to solve a problem. Using fabric technology and designs similar to top sportswear brands, we have developed the first athletically inspired healthcare uniform by creating medical grade performance fabrics that kill odor causing bacteria and reduce the spread of hospital bacteria to raise the bar in healthcare standards. Check out our "ABOUT US" for the full story.

Innovation begins here.

The innovation behind the silver antimicrobial thread in our fabrics did not go unnoticed. Check out our blog for recent news on the ground breaking work we are doing in the healthcare field. Click here--> for our most recent feature in the Specialty Fabrics Review Magazine.  

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