We, as healthcare professionals are quick to notice when things start going south.

We can see it in our patients, in social situations, in family dynamics, we recognize it almost instinctively and we are fast to react and save the day, without hesitation.

But why don’t we apply the same principles to each other?

Why can we be healers of people, but not healers of one another?

It’s not different, we are the same, we have the same emotional capabilities.

This doesn’t change, no matter the job title, employment, skin color, situation, background or ethnicity.

Why is it that I see fantastic nurses with amazing patient care, skillfully and compassionately listen to patients all day long.

Yet, we pay no attention when the person hurting is our coworker and then we act like nothing’s wrong.

“Wait, what? Sorry, I can’t help you, I’m busy.”

“What’s wrong with Karen? This is how it is, why can’t she just get it?”

I ask you. When’s the last time you looked them in the eye and just listened?

It’s a cry for help, they are burning out, they just need someone to be present.

Listen, everyone wants to talk about high patient ratios and unsafe conditions.

Trust me, I know, I’ve been there, but that doesn’t make it any different.

There’s no excuse not to help each other out. Be the team player, set the example, and make it significant.

Can you imagine if everyone did that? It WOULD make a difference!

There’s no excuse not to help when you can give a little more and choose not to.

Better get ready, you help kill their morale and now they’re leaving to someplace else, somewhere without you.

Nurses at 7:00 PM are like “Clocked out, peace I’m out, see you tomorrow”

Rushing out, running, and leaving behind three of your team members.

But do you realize how much they would appreciate your presence and help for just a few minutes later?

I challenge you to smile and say “hi” to your team every morning!

Take a second to ask about their life, say something like “Hi, how’s it going.”

To be the encourager, to be the motivator, because you have to realize that we are all in this together.

Guys I plead and I ask you to love one another.

Y’all, I know we’re in the business of healing others. I just think…. It’s time we start healing each other.  

Enrique Ceniceros, RN BSN

Burn ICU and Travel Nurse

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