Physician extraordinaire, ZDoggMD, does more than treat patients - he addresses serious healthcare issues, challenges status quo and advocates change for the greater good in the medical community, but in his own "ZDogg" way. I have no idea how he finds the time to do all he does; creating hilarious but poignant healthcare related music parodies to taking on serious issues like the current opiate epidemic. I have been a fan of his from day 1.

Years ago he was doing a review on a pair of antimicrobial scrubs our PurThread partners had developed and it got my attention. I remember watching the youtube video and thought, "That technology is great, but it needs to be in a real cool scrub for everyone to WANT to wear them." The former PurThread scrubs looked like any other average scrub. You had no way of knowing that the world's most advanced antibacterial fabric technology was loaded in the plain scrub. Hence my FITScrubs® passion became directed at partnering with PurThread® and the rest is history.

As a token of appreciation, I sent ZDoggMD a set of our Antimicrobial Athletic FITScrubs® with a thank you note for him being the inspiration that he was, and is. To my  surprise, and in true ZDogg fashion, he was kind enough to share a few thoughts on the work my team and I have poured into our silver embedded medical scrubs and even "enhanced" some features we didn't know existed. (Go to 4:20) Love this guy:)

With deepest gratitude, thank you ZDoggMD!

March 04, 2017 — Arthur Lucero

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