This is quite a dream come true. Witnessing what began 9 years ago as a "Hey, why don't they make sportswear scrubs that are antimicrobial for us?" idea transform into a reality - it's pretty wild. If you have ever started your own business or jumped into the crazy world of entrepreneurship, you know what I'm feeling right now. If you haven't, i'm sure you've seen Shark Tank and can vicariously feel my enthusiasm through the tireless efforts those business owners have to go through to get on that show and showcase their products. Although I still have a real long way to go before that could be a possibility. Never know though...

I'm honored by the pre orders we've been receiving. None of this would have been possible without your support and belief in my product. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

With that said, we are officially in production! Our cover photo was taken two days ago at the cutting house where our proprietary, EvrPur™ fabric is currently being marked, graded and cut for sewing. Here is a more close up pic of this "first of it's kind" fabric.

Next up we'll be sending the cut fabric over to our manufacturers around the corner and begin making these high speed medical uniforms! The team is waiting...

Also, I just tried on, inspected and cleared our pre production samples and am incredibly impressed by the fit and feel of our creation. You will not regret purchasing these scrubs! I cannot wait to see your reaction when you feel what I felt. 

For those who pre ordered prior to 11/28, you'll be receiving these scrubs by Mid December. We will officially launch on January 2nd with inventory in hand ready to ship! If you haven't already, follow us on Instagram and check out our "Story" feature. We're capturing this entire apparel startup/manufacturing process in it's entirety. Don't worry, we won't bore you too much;) Thanks for reading and supporting!

November 27, 2016 — Arthur Lucero


Erin Gomez said:

Hello, I just received my first pair of EVPUR scrubs, and I AM IN LOVE!!!! I have a question, or a suggestion. I’m a corrections nurse, and at my facility, there are cell houses with no air conditioning. Is there any chance that in the future you will produce scrubs with material similar to Nike products which are made particularly for hot weather? The EVPUR material is so incredibly soft, yet very thick. I’m not sure it’ll be conducive to the 100+ degree temps we experience in the summer. I’m sure gonna miss my FitScrubs in those summer months. Any chance you will produce hot weather scrubs in the near future? :D These scrubs are truly my favorite, and I don’t want to wear anything else.

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