It's happened! We are officially accepting pre orders for a limited time. We'll place our order to our local manufacturer on Nov 1st and the estimated time to make our advanced medical apparel is 4-6 weeks!  

We are conducting this pre order opportunity for several reasons: 

1) Our first production run will be relatively small because of the limited fabric we've had made. This is common practice for apparel startups because of the uncertainty of projected sales. 

2) It reserves your size and color ahead of everybody else...and you get a real sweet discount on top of it - patience should be rewarded.

3) Because you are pre ordering from a Made in USA company, the funds you conditionally give to us goes back to the local small business that collectively work together to make this product and company a reality. 

So far, we have contracted eight different local businesses to help us create our FIT Scrubs®. Your purchase supports each and every one them, which in turn benefits our community as a whole. 

Here's a peek at some of our partners in action:

A pattern maker, Lana, and model, Jennifer.

Our fabric distributors


 The design team

The Sewers

Manufacturer liason

This is just a small representation of all the support involved in creating, what we feel is, the medical scrub of the future. 


Things are getting exciting around here...Stay tuned!

October 15, 2016 — Arthur Lucero

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