Nurses, doctors, and other medical pros who work in hospitals know one thing all too well – long shifts are part of the job. There are plenty of different things that can impact your time at work, from your diet to the quality of the coffee you’re drinking. But one thing that you need to pay attention to as well is comfort.

Comfort isn’t really something that you actively think about in most cases. But consider that you likely spent time finding the best pair of shoes for the job and you’ll see that you’re already working on being more comfortable, even if you don’t know it. But what about your scrubs? Are you comfortable in them?

Poorly made, cheap scrubs may look cute and have a fancy pattern on them. But does that really matter compared to how they make you feel while you’re at work? Consider some of the problems with cheap scrubs:

  • Can cause allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin
  • Could lead to chaffing and scratching due to poor materials
  • Can shrink or fit poorly, reducing your mobility
  • Can generally cause your shift to be less enjoyable than it could be
  • Can harbor germs and bacteria that could lead to infections

In short, looking into high quality, comfortable, antimicrobial scrubs is something that makes much more sense for medical professionals no matter their specific field. It can help you feel better than you though possible during your shift – and that’s more important than any cute print design.

April 12, 2016 — Ficode Technologies

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