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Our performance fabric, Evrpur™, can only be understood when worn. Compete in a marathon, take a yoga class, run the night shift, or start an IV in front of an angry family of 10 (no pressure). Evrpur™ athletic fabric expertly comforts your every angle. And its unique moisture-evaporating, odor-preventing, silver-embedded properties will keep you dry and protected through the most strenuous work day.

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The revolutionary technology behind FITScrubs® makes us different from any other medical apparel or sportswear company on the market. Our passion and background in healthcare drives our innovation in developing advanced fabrics that solve a problem. More than 60 percent of healthcare workers’ uniforms are colonized with healthcare-associated infections because of the cheap, absorbent fabrics most scrubs are made of. Heath-care associated infections kill more than 75,000 patients a year and infect one in 25 hospital admissions. Evrpur fabric is our solution to this problem.

Through a two-year R&D initiative, we sought to do what had never been done before⎯⎯create a high-performance, antimicrobial moisture-wicking, odor- and fluid-resistant fabric by blending advanced fibers. This was no easy task.

We partnered with the leading antimicrobial bio-materials company, PurThread® Technologies. Their bacteria-fighting silver thread is backed by evidence-based lab studies verifying its effectiveness. It's so effective that it's been proven to kill MRSA, staph and even pneumonia upon fabric contact.

PurThread uses a recycled EPA-registered silver from Kodak that is broken down into a silver salt. This salt is then melted down and embed within the filament of a yarn.


NCSU College of Textiles and Engineering

To get this bacteria-fighting fiber into a high-speed performance fabric, we collaborated with the textile engineers at NCSU. With their assistance we were finally able to develop our base fabric.


After much testing, we had a high performance fabric blend that surpassed AATCC antimicrobial testing with flying colors and outperformed our expensive sportswear apparel.



Not long after we put it all together, we were published and were the feature story in the nation's leading publication on textile innovations in the healthcare sector. Not bad for a little startup! Evrpur™ is not just a fabric, it’s an experience. There is nothing on the market quite like it. After extensive research and countless hours perfecting our one-of- a-kind fabric blends, we take pride in the fact that these aren't just scrubs, they're solution-driven clothing.